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Command List

This is the list of commands that are included in the Zandercraft Bot.

Need more info?

If you ever need more information on a command, just type @Zandercraft Bot#3213 help <command> or join the Zandercraft Bot Official Discord server and type -new into the #bots channel and someone from our support team will answer any questions that you have.


Command Name Command Description Usage Permission Level Required
addrole Give a role to a user/users. addrole @User @User <role name> Level 3 and Manage Role perms
allowmemes Allow meme commands in the channel. allowmemes <true | false> Level 3
ban Ban a user/users from your Discord server. ban <# of days-worth of messages to delete, if blank all messages.> @User @User <reason> Ban Member perms
catfact Bot replies with an interesting cat fact. catfact Level 0
colorrole (or colourrole) This sets the colour of a specific role. colorrole <colour code> <role name> Level 3 and Manage Roles
customize Customize Zandercraft Bot's behavior in your server. See table below Level 3
dogfact Bot replies with an interesting dog fact. dogfact Level 0
gif Bot responds with either a random gif, or a gif that matched the provided keyword/keywords. gif <keywords> Level 0
hackban Ban someone who is not on your server. hackban <user ID> Ban Members permission
hello The bot responds with an invite link and some information about itself. hello Level 0
info The bot responds with some detailed information about itself. info Level 0
join-server Bot responds with a link to invite it to your server. join-server Level 0
kick The bot will kick a user/users from the server. kick @User <reason> Kick Members permission
leetspeak The bot will turn what you say into leetspeak. leetspeak <text> Level 0
namechanges The bot will detect the namechanges of the specified user. namechanges @User Level 0
ping Responds with the bots ping. ping Level 0
prefix Reminds you of the bot's prefix. prefix Level 0
purge Purges the specified number of messages in the channel. purge <amount> Manage Messages permission
randomcat Replies with a random cat image. randomcat Level 0
randomdog Replies with a random dog image. randomdog Level 0
rankup Levels up someone by one bot level. rankup @User Level 3
say This is a repeat after me song... The bot repeats what you say. say <message> Level 0
rip Posts a link. rip name Level 0
server-info Replies with some detailed information about your Discord server. server-info Level 0
setlevel Sets someone's bot permissions level. setlevel <-1/0/1/2/3> <@User/@Role/@everyone> Level 3
softban Bans and immediately unbans the user. This essentially is a kick, except it deletes all of their messages. softban @User <reason> Ban Members permission
takerole Take a role away from a user/users. takerole @User <role name> Level 3 and Manage Roles permission
twitch Tells you if a specific streamer is live on twitch <live streamer> Level 0
userinfo Bot responds with some info about the specified user. userinfo @User Level 0
advice Bot responds with some useful advice. advice Level 0
cleverbot Talk to cleverbot. cleverbot <message> Level 0
dice Bot roles dice. dice Level 0
eat Pretend to eat the virtual snacks that the bot gave you. eat Level 0
eatpoop Pretend to eat your own poop. Why... JUST WHY?! eatpoop Level 0
fact Bot responds with an interesting fact. fact Level 0
fancyinsult The bot insults the mentioned user. fancyinsult @User Level 0
magic8ball The bot makes a prediction using the magic 8 ball. magic8ball <question> Level 0
meme The bot creates a meme using the provided suffixes. Use help meme for available suffixes. meme <suffix> <suffix> <suffix> Level 0
poop Pretent to poop... Bruh... Not cool... poop Level 0
randommeme Bot responds with a random meme. randommeme Level 0
shorten Shorten a link with shorten <URL> Level 0
snacks The bot gives you virtual snacks. snacks Level 0
stroke The bot will stroke the mentioned person's ego. stroke @User Level 0
support The bot responds with an invite link to the Zandercraft Bot Official Discord server. support Level 0
tag Main command for tags. See table below Level 0
urbandictionary Responds with the definition of the specified word from Urban Dictionary. urbandictionary <word> Level 0
xkcd Bot responds with an xkcd comic. xkcd <comic number> Level 0
yesno Bot responds with a gif displaying yes or no. yesno Level 0
yomomma Bot returns a yomomma joke. yomomma Level 0
youtube Bot returns the bot creator's YouTube link. youtube Level 0
eval Bot evaluates javascript code. eval <javascript code> Bot Owner Only
plaineval Same as eval, different scope. plaineval <javascript code> Bot Owner Only
killswitch Kills the bot's process. killswitch Bot Owner Only
globalban Globally bans someone from using the Zandercraft Bot. globalban <@User/UserID> Bot Owner Only

Music Commands

Command Name Command Description Usage Permission Level Required
leave-voice The Bot will leave the current voice channel if it is in it. leave-voice Level 1
music Pause or resume the current song that is playing. music <pause/play> Level 1
playlist Prints the current playlist or removes a song from the playlist. playlist or playlist remove <song number> or playlist remove all Level 0-1
request Adds the specified song to the playlist. request <song name> Level 1
queue Adds the specified song to the playlist. queue <song name> Level 1
shuffle Turns the current playlist into shuffle mode. shuffle Level 2
voice Make the bot join the voice channel that you are currently in. voice Level 1
volume Adjust the bot's volume. volume <0-100> Level 1
voteskip Vote to skip the current song. voteskip Level 1
skip Skips the current song. skip Level 2